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Secrets Of The Pyramids

The spiral ramp inside the great pyramid of cheops

The spiral ramp inside the great pyramid

Many archeologists have struggled for years trying to figure out how the great pyramid of Cheops (AKA Khufu) was built, many theories came out but most of them did not cover several facts, and had several question marks around them. Back in 2007 the genius French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin revealed his theory about how the pyramid was built to the whole world. For the first time, it becomes very possible that Hemiunu the architect of the great pyramid used an external ramp along with a spiral internal ramp to get the pyramid built. Not only Jean-Pierre Houdin offered the most possible solution to the mystery; but also, he is very close to revealing the hidden chambers inside the great pyramid of Cheops that are not discovered yet. [click to continue…]

aliens built the pyramids

Alien Mummy

Many wonder if aliens built the pyramids, and this following piece of news was used as a solid proof that they had to do with it.  The news of a  perfectly preserved alien mummy that was found buried in a small pyramid near Lahun are spreading dramatically over the internet. It is said the body that was found is about 160 centimeters tall, and the pyramid where it was found is believed to belong to king Senusret II’s wife. According to the blogs, and virtual newspapers who published this news, a source in the Egyptian Antiquities Department who preferred to remain anonymous said that the mummy is around 2000 years old, and it seems to be humanoid, he also provided details and photographs of this secret find. [click to continue…]

planetary alignment above the pyramids

planetary alignment above the pyramids

The picture shows the great pyramids at the Giza Plateau, with three planets aligned right above them.  On the 3rd of December 2012;  Mercury, Venus, and Saturn planets did align above the great pyramids of Giza just before sunrise. Of course, the picture is not real, actually it was published few months prior to the event. So how did the sky look like on the 3rd of December ? is it true that a planetary alignment really took place above the three pyramids at the Giza necropolis? The answer is yes! Mercury, Venus, and Saturn were 14 degrees apart, which is a very small distance, and they aligned almost vertically in the sky on that date. [click to continue…]

The Magician Djedi

The Sphinx

Very soon after Khufu took the throne he started thinking of planning the layout for the greatest pyramid ever built. The first thought that came to him was how to build secret tunnels inside the pyramid leading to his burial chamber.  King Khufu sat thinking about this, until he was seen by his son Prince Hordjedef, “Why you seem depressed my great father,” Said Prince Hordjedef. “for days; I have been thinking and discussing ways to build secret tunnels that will lead to my burial chamber with Prince Hemiunu ‘Khufu’s Vizier’ and the architect Khufu kha. I knew today from the monks of On (Heliopolis) that those secrets are with GOD Thoth, and if only we can reach them, my pyramid will be the greatest; It will stand a witness for my greatness and for the greatness of Egypt” Khufu replied. [click to continue…]

pharaoh_graphicsAfter almost two decades of unsuccessful attempts, chances are now strong that explorers are about to discover what lies behind the secret stone door at the core of the great pyramid of Khufu.
The Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt is returning to granting permits for excavations and archaeological research.
Khufu’s pyramid is the largest of the 3 pyramids at Giza plateau, and has long been rumored to have hidden tunnels leading to secret chambers.

Since the discovery of 4 narrow shafts deep inside the pyramid in 1872, Archaeologists have long confused over the purpose of these shafts,
Two shafts extend the king’s chamber exactly at the center of the pyramid into open air, while the other two shafts are lower inside the queen’s chamber, one on the south side and one on the north side and they disappear inside the structure, deepening the pyramid mystery. [click to continue…]

pyramid energy

Cosmic Energy

The term refers to the paranormal properties of the ancient pyramids of Egypt and objects of similar shape especially when aligned to the magnetic north using a compass. With this cosmic energy, model pyramids are said to preserve foods, sharpen or maintain the sharpness of razor blades ,improve health, trigger sexual urges, and cause other dramatic effects.
Pyramid energy is one of many pseudo-scientific theories regarding pyramids. Such theories are referred to as pyramidology.
The idea that small models of pyramids can preserve food when correctly aligned to the magnetic north was developed in the 1930s by French hardware store owner and pendulum dowsing author Antoine Bovis. Stories persist that Bovis came across a supernatural force while standing inside Khufu’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. [click to continue…]

The Great pyramid of king Khufu

The Great pyramid of king Khufu

It is taught in schools around the world that the pyramids of Egypt were built as tombs for the pharaoh kings, and that the ancient Egyptians built those great pyramids using very simple tools and techniques. Such information was confirmed by several historians and archeologists, but does it make sense? When we look at the available facts and analyze each of them, we find it extremely hard to believe that these pyramids are tombs that were built using simple tools. It is mentioned in history books that the pyramids were built by teams of farmers who came to help build the great pyramid during summer time when the river Nile flooded their lands, and that they built the pyramid over a period of 20 years. The pyramid is 146 meters high, and it contains 2,300,000 stones that are different in shape and size. [click to continue…]

hidden chambers

The Great Pyramid Of King Khufu

A French architect campaigning for a new exploration of the 4,500-year-old Great Pyramid of King Khufu advised that there is a huge possibility that the pyramid’s hidden chambers can finally be located. Jean-Pierre Houdin — who was rejected three years ago by Egyptian officials in his offer for a probe into how the Pyramids was built — said 3D simulation and data from a U.S. Egyptologist, Bob Brier, showed two secret chambers in the center of the pyramid. The chambers would have housed furniture for use in the afterlife by King Khufu, he told a press conference. [click to continue…]