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The Secrets Of The Great Pyramid

The Great pyramid of king Khufu

The Great pyramid of king Khufu

It is taught in schools around the world that the pyramids of Egypt were built as tombs for the pharaoh kings, and that the ancient Egyptians built those great pyramids using very simple tools and techniques. Such information was confirmed by several historians and archeologists, but does it make sense? When we look at the available facts and analyze each of them, we find it extremely hard to believe that these pyramids are tombs that were built using simple tools. It is mentioned in history books that the pyramids were built by teams of farmers who came to help build the great pyramid during summer time when the river Nile flooded their lands, and that they built the pyramid over a period of 20 years. The pyramid is 146 meters high, and it contains 2,300,000 stones that are different in shape and size.


If you look at satellite images for the great pyramid, the axis of the pyramid is one quarter of an inch off center of the 756 feet base, the great pyramid is also aligned almost exactly to the true north; we did not know of true north until the compass was invented, such accuracy was achieved by cutting stone using copper tools?!
In modern days, with all the technology we have, there is no way engineering companies on this planet could ever reproduce that, if you divide a quarter of an inch error by 230000 stones, the accuracy is outrageous , there is no way we can do anything like that.

Simple Math:

Now let’s do some simple math, the great pyramid contains 2,300,000 stone blocks, each of them weights around 40 tons, the workers had to work for 365 days a year for 12 hours per day.
365*20 = 7300 days *12 = 87600 hours
87600*60 =5,256,000 minutes / 2,300,000 =
2.2 minutes
This means that thousands of hundreds of workers accurately placed a 40 ton stone block in the right position every 2.2 minutes with that level of accuracy. Knowing that those farmers only worked during summer time, and that most of the stones were transferred from Aswan quarry which is 500 miles away, this is extremely hard to believe, you still can’t do that if you got hundreds of thousands of people.

The interior:

The pyramid shape is very complicated, especially the great pyramid, because it was discovered that the great pyramid is actually an 8 sided pyramid, not a 4 sided one, which makes it even more complex in design than a regular pyramid; with modern technologies, building a pyramid is not an easy task. The dimensions of each block of stone must be measured accurately to keep the correct slope until the desired height is reached..
The interior of the great pyramid is another mystery, the ascending passage leading to the grand gallery keeps the exact same slope all the way up to the grand gallery, the walls of the main burial chamber are constructed of pink granite, and as in all ancient Egyptian monuments you can not fit a razor blade between two blocks, the blocks were accurately positioned on top of each other making the main chamber perfectly horizontal and vertical.

Documentation & Facts:

When we look in history trying to find an answer, we discover that the Pharaohs documented everything in great details except when it comes to how the pyramid was built. Over 1 million hieroglyph walls mention zero information about this; The Pharaohs were known to document their glories, which makes you wonder, why they never mentioned anything about the process of building such great structures, including how they accurately extracted the stones.
Until today, not one pyramid was ever found to host a mummy. If the pyramids are tombs, then where are the mummies? Archeologists often have one answer to this question, which is ‘grave robbers’, knowing that the entrance to the great pyramid was hidden underneath its limestone structure, the unbelievable grave robbers, made their way in through the walls, removed the 40 tons limestone slap on the entrance, took the king’s mummy and treasures, then closed it back up, resealed it, just to make sure they did not disturb anything! …. And then walked back out! This simply does not make any sense. If there pyramids are tombs, then the real burial chambers are not yet discovered.

Who Built The Great Pyramid:

A lot of solid evidence confirms that the Egyptian Pharaohs built the pyramids, but did they get any help from a higher source? Or did they live side by side with a very advanced civilization that we don’t know of yet? To answer this question we need to look at other monuments in Egypt as well as other ancient structures around the world.
The osirian temple in Abydos is a good example to start with, this temple is 50 feet below all other temples in Abydos, inside the temple there is a graphic for the flower of life (symbol of all major religions, and the blue print of creation) which was not carved into the rock, it was ‘laser burned’ into the atomic structure of that pillar, if you chip the pillar you still see the drawings going into the core; this pillar is a proof that some very advanced technology was available to the ancient Egyptians and for some reason it was kept a secret.

Flower of life at the Osirian temple

Flower of life at the Osirian temple

There are other pyramids in different locations in the world; China, South America, Bosnia, Philippines and many other countries. All ancient civilizations documented that they did not build the pyramids on their own, they actually were guided by the ‘son Gods’ they say. Although ancient Egyptians did not document similar claims, in the westcar papyrus, it is documented that king Khufu told his son that he want to build his great pyramid, so he can live as happy as the ‘sun God Ra’ when he moves to the other world. Who are the sun gods? And when did they exist?

The Sun Gods:

The only clue available is the wide range of strange shaped skulls that were discovered around the world, Scientists call them ‘deformed skulls’, there is evidence from ancient texts that ancient kings and figures used to deform their skulls to look like the sun god, but no matter how hard you try to deform your skull, you can not change the volume of what is inside, this is scientifically impossible.

Pictures of some deformed Skulls

To the very right the two skulls belong to son of king Ramses, and daughter of queen Nefertiti. To the left, are some similar skulls that was discovered around Peru and Mexico.

The base of the skull usually determines how tall the person is, and for some of these skulls, the persons were 12 to 15 feet tall. Back to Egypt, You will find that some of the kings had the exact same ‘deformed’ skull shape,  like for example king Akenaten, his son king Tutankhamen and others; it is possible that the sun gods mixed with human species and that generated half sun god – half man! It is also possible that the sun gods were very advanced and they transferred the knowledge to the ancient Egyptians when they mixed with them. This theory was originally proposed by the researcher Nassim Haramein, and it may or may not be true, but the only true fact is that the Pharaohs had access to technology and knowledge and they managed to keep it a secret.

The Reason Behind The Pyramid Shape:

It could have been easier for the ancient Egyptians to choose a rectangular shape; the pyramid shape was chosen for a reason, we now know that the pyramid shape have special characteristics, especially when it is aligned to true north just like the great pyramid; it is known to produce a positive cosmic energy field that can preserve food, sharpen razor blades, and even heal broken bones 30% faster. For more details, check the pyramid energy section.


We came across a theory offered by french architect Jean-Pierre Houdin, and we believe that his theory answers a lot of questions regarding the accuracy, layout, and even reveals secret chambers within the great pyramid. The man is very close to figure out “How The Great Pyramid Was Built“.

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