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Pyramid Of King Userkaf

Pyramid of king Userkaf

Pyramid of king Userkaf

Builder: King Userkaf

Constructed: 2465-2458 BC

Height: 49 meters

Location: Saqqara

King Userkaf founder of the 5th dynasty had a  short reign (under 10 years), he did not just returned to Saqqara complex, but  he also chose a location that is extremely near to the step pyramid of king  DJoser. Userkaf’s pyramid is located to the northeast of the step pyramid,  while king Unas, the last king of the 5th dynasty, built his pyramid  at the opposite southwest corner.

King Userkaf’s pyramid was built as a true  smooth-sided pyramid, and it was very small in size. Originally the pyramid was  encased in high quality limestone, but through time, the outer casing wore off,  leaving a large heap of rubble due to the very low quality of the core masonry.


The design of the pyramid interior is very simple, all the  corridors, ante chambers and the main chamber were built below ground level;  and it is thought that the rooms and the chambers were built before the  construction of the pyramid itself was begun.

A corridor descended to the construction trench, which was  eight meters below ground level. From there a horizontal passage ran for  eighteen meters, partially cased with granite and plugged with huge granite  blocks. Right at the center of the horizontal passage was a huge slab and  beyond it opened a T-shaped magazine. The passage ran to an antechamber exactly  on the structure’s vertical axis. From here another short passage led to the  main burial chamber.

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