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Pyramid Of King Unas

Pyramid Of King Unas

Pyramid Of King Unas

Builder:King Unas

Constructed: 2356-2323 BC

Height: 18.5 meters

Location: Saqqara

King Unas is the last king of the 5th dynasty, he  ruled Egypt for about 30 years, and his pyramid is the smallest among all known  old kingdom pyramids. Unas pyramid is located at Saqqara to the southwest  corner of the step pyramid of king Djoser.

The entrance to the pyramid is located at the north side,  exactly at ground level. From the entrance, a passage descends to a  corridor-chamber, from here, a horizontal passage with 3 granite slabs leads to  the antechamber directly under the vertical axis of the structure, from there a  door way opens to the east leading to a room, and main burial chamber is to the  west. Inside the main chamber, the basalt sarcophagus is still in place. Unas’s  chambers are the first to be decorated with alabaster and wood frames after  king djoser’s. The remaining walls of the chambers inside Unas pyramid are  decorated with hieroglyphs.

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