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Pyramid of king Pepi I

Pyramid of king Pepi I

Pyramid of king Pepi I

Builder: King Pepi I

Constructed: 2332–2283 BC

Height: 12 meters

Location: South Saqqara

King Pepi I is the son of King Teti, he was the third king  of the 6th dynasty. To take his rightful throne, king Pepi I needed  support from powerful figures in Upper Egypt to put down his brother Userkare  who had killed his father. king Pepi I built his pyramid in Wadi Tafla at South  Saqqara, over time, The pyramid got ruined, and the height was  reduced to about 12 meters, with a large crater in the center dug by stone  robbers.

The interior of Pepi’s pyramid is similar to Teti’s (From the entrance, a passage descends to a corridor-chamber, the  antechamber is located exactly under the central axis of the pyramid, to the  east there is a room with 3 niches, and the main burial chamber opens to the  west); the  only difference is that in Pepi’s pyramid, the pyramid text is covering more  walls.

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