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Pyramid Of King Pepi II

pyramid of King Pepi ii

pyramid of King Pepi ii

Builder: King Pepi II

Constructed: 2278–2184 BC

Height: 52 meters

Location: South Saqqara

King Pepi II qualified to the throne at the age of six, after the death of King Merenre I, his reign period extended for 94 years, and is known to be the longest reign of any kingdom in history. King Pepi II was thought to be the the son of King Pepi I, until the tomb of his mother “Queen Ankhesenpepi II” was discovered; The scriptures and text that was found inside the tomb note that Queen Ankhesenpepi II got married to King Merenre after the death of king Pepi I. It is now believed that kind Merenre is the father of king Pepi II.

King Pepi II built his pyramid to the south of Merenre’s pyramid across Wadi Tafla at Saqqara. the pyramid was called “Neferkare” or the beautiful of god Re. The pyramid was excavated by archeologist Gustave Jequier in 1926, by that time the height of the pyramid was 52 meters, over time it had been reduced to a low mount. The core of the pyramid consisted of 5 steps of tafla and mud, and as in other 6th dynasty pyramids, the outer surface was constructed using limestone bricks that came from Turah quarry. A unique feature of the pyramid was an immense girdle, it is thought that this pyramid was built to resemble the the hieroglyph letter “pyramid” with a band across the base, and other theories suggest that they were worried about its structural security.

From the entrance to the pyramid, a passage descends down to a corridor chamber, with a star studded ceiling, and walls covered with text; a further section of the passage was blocked by 3 granite plugs. The inner chambers were covered by gabled ceiling decorated with stars, and in the main burial chamber a black granite sarcophagus was found, and as always it was empty.

The pyramid is currently not open for public, however, it is very basic in design; more interesting complex pyramids are currently open for public, those of course include the great pyramid of king khufu.

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