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King Djedefre’s Pyramid

Pyramid Of King Djedefre

Pyramid Of King Djedefre

Builder: King Djedefre

Constructed: 2566–2558 BC

Height: 62 meters (ruined).

Location: Abo Roash

Abo Roash is 8 KM to the north of Giza, The only momentum that can be seen there is the pyramid of king Djedefre, known as the lost pyramid.

King Djedefre (4th dynasty), Khufu’s son and successor, he built his pyramid to the north of the Giza plateau. By moving to this spot, the pyramid was nearer due west of Heliopolis, center of the sun cult, than Giza, maybe he was motivated by spiritual reasons, Since king Djedefre is the first pharaoh we know to acquire the title ‘Son of RA’.

It was thought that the pyramid was never complete, however, recent evidence suggest that it was
completed, and it was the same size as Menkaure’s pyramid. Unfortunately the pyramid was destructed, little evidence suggest that the destruction of this pyramid took place during the old kingdom age. Today nothing remains other than the stump of the core around a nature hillock. A great amount of granite from the casing is still lying around the construction site till today; some of the blocks have a 60 degree angel indicating that this pyramid was intended to be a step pyramid. Unlike Sneferu and Khufu, king Djedefre did not intend to build his chamber higher in the core of the pyramid, Returning to the old mastaba style, His chamber was 20 meters below ground level, the access passage leading to the chamber descended for 49 meters.

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