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Pyramids Planetary Alignment!

planetary alignment above the pyramids

planetary alignment above the pyramids

The picture shows the great pyramids at the Giza Plateau, with three planets aligned right above them.  On the 3rd of December 2012;  Mercury, Venus, and Saturn planets did align above the great pyramids of Giza just before sunrise. Of course, the picture is not real, actually it was published few months prior to the event. So how did the sky look like on the 3rd of December ? is it true that a planetary alignment really took place above the three pyramids at the Giza necropolis? The answer is yes! Mercury, Venus, and Saturn were 14 degrees apart, which is a very small distance, and they aligned almost vertically in the sky on that date.

The sky did NOT look exactly as shown in the picture, in fact, when the aligned happen the 3 planets were visible in the sky but the vertical alignment was not really clear to the human eyes, however this event was really nice to see.

It was also said that the planetary alignment happens once every 2737 years. That’s not strictly true, because planets orbit the sun and they get in alignment all the time, literally it happens every year, with two or even 3 planets. What is really unique about the 3rd of December is that it is quite rare to see such an alignment right above the great pyramids of Egypt. Yes that may really happen once every 2737 years!

what does it mean?

Well, the fact that the pyramids are mystical, when such event happens it almost seems supernatural, but the truth is that such alignment could happen near any other place in the world; but knowing that the pharaohs were great astronomers, and that they managed to align the pyramids exactly to the magnetic north, and even replicated the sky on earth when the 3 pyramids of Giza were perfectly aligned to the Orion belt; such event may be more important, and unique than it seems! Some think that it was some kind of a message that the ancient Egyptians wanted to send to humanity, while others think that it is just a random event that does not have any significance. However, it is true that the pyramids of Egypt continue to surprise us after more than four thousand years!

Finally, we at managed to witness this unique even. On the 3rd of December 2012 we were able to witness the alignment from a northwest angel ten minutes before sunrise. We took this event seriously because we believe in the significance of those great pyramids, and we insist that they are not just tombs. For more information about the significance of the great pyramid check → “Secrets Of The Great Pyramid

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