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Temple Of Kom Ombo

Temple Of Kom Ombo At Night

50 km north of Aswan lays one of Egypt’s most unique ancient Egyptian temples ever created – the Graeco-Roman Kom Ombo Temple. Built in the town of the same name, construction of this temple (also known as Ombos) began during the Ptolemaic dynasty, under the ruling of Ptolemy VI Philometor (180-145 BC). What makes this temple so different from other temples of its time? Deemed to be a ‘double temple’, the temple of Kom Ombo was built in dedication to two gods – Sobek and Horus. The unprecedented features of Kom Ombo Temple include not only two separate entrances but also sanctuaries, halls and courts that were duplicated in perfect symetry. The southern most portion of the temple was erected in dedication to the crocodile god Sobek. The northern half of the temple was erected for the falcon god Horus. [click to continue…]

Temple Of Luxor

Temple Of Luxor At Night

The temple of Luxor, can be found in Upper Eqypt running parallel to the east bank of the Nile. Residing in the city of Luxor (known as Thebes – “city of hundred gates” in ancient Egypt), the construction of Luxor Temple began in the era of the New Kingdom and remains one of the most remarkable Egyptian temples to this day. This magnificent temple complex was built by King Amenhotep III as a place of worship honoring the Theban Triad, recognizing the royal Ka. The Theban Triad consisted of Amun (king of the gods), his wife Mut, and their son Khonsu (the moon god). [click to continue…]

Temple Of Osiris

The Osirian Temple

There is no disputing the fact that each of the ancient Egyptian temples are as unique as the god it was created and built for but within that originality most temples share a few similar traits. For example; Egyptian temples that were constructed in the New Kingdom era all include the standard attributions such as the paintings, images portraying temple history that covers most every wall and the fact that they are all built at ground level are features found with all temples. All that is but one – the temple of Osiris. [click to continue…]

The spiral ramp inside the great pyramid of cheops

The spiral ramp inside the great pyramid

Many archeologists have struggled for years trying to figure out how the great pyramid of Cheops (AKA Khufu) was built, many theories came out but most of them did not cover several facts, and had several question marks around them. Back in 2007 the genius French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin revealed his theory about how the pyramid was built to the whole world. For the first time, it becomes very possible that Hemiunu the architect of the great pyramid used an external ramp along with a spiral internal ramp to get the pyramid built. Not only Jean-Pierre Houdin offered the most possible solution to the mystery; but also, he is very close to revealing the hidden chambers inside the great pyramid of Cheops that are not discovered yet. [click to continue…]