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Pyramids Of Egypt

The Great Pyramids Of Egypt

The Pyramids Of Egypt

The pyramids of Egypt are the most famous pyramids in the world. These great monuments were built by the ancient Egyptians over four thousand years ago. Many historians, and archeologists are trying to figure out how those pyramids were built. They offered a lot of theories, and possibilities, but until today the pyramids of Egypt remain one of the greatest mysteries in history. The most famous pyramids in Egypt are those pyramids at Giza. The Giza pyramids were built during the fourth dynasty by King Khufu who built the biggest pyramid in the world, King Khafre who built the middle pyramid, and King Menkaure who built the smallest pyramid.

Other Pyramids

Although the 3 pyramids of Giza are the most famous, a total of 138 pyramids exist in Egypt, and many of these pyramids are very remarkable. The step pyramid, the red pyramid, and the bent pyramid are good examples of those. Until today, the pyramids of Egypt continue to reveal secrets, and wonders that puzzles the world. It is a fact that with today’s technology, engineers cannot replicate the great pyramid of king Khufu, for this reason alone, this pyramid is one of the world`s seven wonders. Right below this section you will have access to our posts where you can find great information about the Giza pyramids, as well as other pyramids in Egypt.

Explore The Great Pyramids Of Egypt

pyramids of egypt

The most famous pyramids in Egypt are those incredible pyramids at Giza. These massive structures were built 4500 years ago, and yet they are still dominating the landscape around them. The Giza pyramids were built for King Khufu, King Khafre and King Menkaure. The greatest among them, and the highest pyramid in Egypt, is this [...]

Aliens Built The Pyramids?

aliens built the pyramids

Many wonder if aliens built the pyramids, and this following piece of news was used as a solid proof that they had to do with it.  The news of a  perfectly preserved alien mummy that was found buried in a small pyramid near Lahun are spreading dramatically over the internet. It is said the body [...]

Pyramids Planetary Alignment!

planetary alignment above the pyramids

The picture shows the great pyramids at the Giza Plateau, with three planets aligned right above them.  On the 3rd of December 2012;  Mercury, Venus, and Saturn planets did align above the great pyramids of Giza just before sunrise. Of course, the picture is not real, actually it was published few months prior to the [...]

The Secrets Of The Great Pyramid

the great pyramid

It is taught in schools around the world that the pyramids of Egypt were built as tombs for the pharaoh kings, and that the ancient Egyptians built those great pyramids using very simple tools and techniques. Such information was confirmed by several historians and archeologists, but does it make sense? When we look at the [...]

The Pyramid Of Khafre

pyramid of khafre

Builder: King Khafre. Constructed: 2520-2494 BC. Height: 143.5 meters. Location: Giza city. King Khafre (Son of King Khufu – 4th dynasty) built  his pyramid on a higher ground than this of Khufu’s Pyramid (10 meters higher);  When you take a look at the Giza plateau for  the first time you will think that khafre’s pyramid [...]

The Pyramid Of King Menkaure

pyramid of menkaure

  Builder: King Menkaure. Constructed: 2490-2472 BC Height: 65.5 meters. Location: Giza city. King Menkaure, Son of king Khafree (4th dynasty),  he was a powerful yet very respectable king; he is known as one of the most  fair kings in ancient Egypt; it is said that Menkaure used to compensate those  who got dissatisfied with [...]

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